woensdag 29 juni 2011

Fighters magazine

The new Fighters magazine dropped in my mailbox. Robin's GS is featured, plus a poster-spread of his bike! Also You'll find a feature of Robert's Duuc, and the Valvoline V-max of Perfect Dream Bikes. Good issue, cool stuff!

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

45 Flathead Service

Today I went to 45 Flathead Service in The Hague. The shop is runned by Peter Buchly. They repair, maintain and create classic (custom) bikes. Flatties, Knuckles, Panheads... you name it. At least it's not an Evolution (or newer). They even got a few Harley XA boxers, of which one (a rare type with disc wheels) is nearly 100% original. And the guys also are building exotic engines: flathead cases with Matchless cylinders and heads!

Peter created his own Flathead bobber and we made some funny shots of it. Great day, great weather, great people, great bikes. Thanks!!Link

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Blues Brothers

Nelis and Frank, together, decided to make a Blues Brothers theme bike of their Road Kings. We did a photoshoot of this Duo today, all in style!

Gert-Jan's Honda Fury

The Honda Fury is the first mass-produced chopper by a known brand and, as it rolls off the belt in Japan, it looks pretty wild! Stretch, rake, it got it all. But Gert-Jan (inspired by the Bike Week in Daytona) had some crazy ideas with such a Honda! A chopper only is a real chopper when it's one-of-a-kind, right? All the chrome is gone, the bike is blackened all over, and he added some nice parts. custom controls, one-off handlebar, you name it. Last but not least the bike is painted in a aircraft style. Simply beautiful! This must be the best looking Fury at the planet right now... The photo-shoot was really great, thanks to the wild location. Thanks guys!!

donderdag 16 juni 2011

Bottrop Kustom Culture

I hope the weather will be okay... See you there!

Bigtwin, july issue

Great, there are some cool contributions to the next Bigtwin issue! Teun's Royal Air Force softail
is featured, which we photographed early this year. The Soul of Pagan by Joakim & Esko from Finland is published too. We shot their weird trike(ish) creation at the Bigtwin Bikeshow in Rosmalen. Then we have the El Bruto custombike by R.Y.P. And last but not least, the famous El Chupacabra Honda by Mr. Metalshaper! One of the coolest bikes in these low lands. Some other great features of my collaeges are published too, so go and check that out!

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Wildstar duo

Today the trip went to Tilburg, where the customized Wildstars of Wally& Rob are photographed. Wally's bike features a super bright paintjob, and Rob's ride got a 360 (!) rear tire. Thanks for the nice day!!

woensdag 8 juni 2011

The Fairingtale!

Bikes with fairing? Hell no! I hate them! At least, that's what I thought about 'em till last weekend. Mikael from Sweden was at the same Bed & Breakfast as us and he brought his "Extend the Season" Harley, which we, at the spot, baptised as 'The Fairingtale'. He used to build radical choppers since the 70's / 80's and this is his most recent project: a pure practical riding bike with attitude. It features heated grips, electronic adjustable shields, a state-of-the-art seat, performance brakes and... a kickstart? Yes! It actually wasn't love at the 1st sight and we discussed a lot about what to think of it. But isn't that what custombikes are all about? It's a real neck-turner for sure!

maandag 6 juni 2011

Hog Tech ride @ Norrtalje

The guys of Hog-tech really, really surprised me by reaching me the key of this way radical Swedish style longbike!! I took this prototype of their production-chopper off their stall for a little ride trough Norrtalje city. No lisence plate, no insurance, and many cops around in the city for the bike-event. I felt like a outlaw bike for a second... just a second. I was flabbergasted about how this true chopper handled. Always dreamed of riding a Swedish bike. And now I want one. Period!

Suits me well! Don't it? Picture by Nisse!!

Radical design from Finland!

Just back from the best weekend ever @ the Norrtalje custombike show. Few hundred pictures to go trough and I've hardly time to update the blog. But it would be scandalous to withold you from these pictures. The radical xs650 is made by my Finnish friends Joakim & Esko. It's just crazy! Look at the exhaust pipes. The tank is a dummy for the batteries. The fuel is in the top-tube and there's lack of a down-tube. It was just finished a few minutes before the show!