zondag 10 mei 2009

KustomBart paints project 1Off

KustomBart is one of the most gifted custompainters around, he does crazy things with paint. My MZ DDR-tracker and the Own Skool choppa' are done by KustomBart, and now he does project 1Off

KustomBart was a bit SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED, when he heard about my plans for the bodywork: "You're a f*cking lunatic!", he said. "I don't do wild-west paintjobs, Indians, cowboys, horses or portraits on bikes!"
"Ow well", I said, "don't kill yourself and paint something you do like then, damnit!!!"

And so he unpacked his closet with magic stuff

The rear end and spotlight housing, smoothened with putty by KustomBart

KustomBart, doing magic things with laquer and metal flakes

After he painted the parts 'back to the roots' matt-black, he covered it with the flakes until the black wasn't visible... wtf?

That's it for today! Next week there will be some colour magic!

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