maandag 20 juli 2009

Ron's Intruder

Last Friday we visited Ron in the pittoresque city Witteveen. This is his Dead Man's Hand Intruder, built by T&T Customs from eeehhhh... Emmercompascuum, of all places! They did a fine job and this Intruder looks fat! The rain just stopped pissing when we started the shoot and tt was a stormy day, so I could'n use my brelly's. I re-invented my two small SB pocket flashers. No softboxes, just bare, and I wasn't really dissapointed! It gives just enough light to blow some shades from the bike, but it turned out pretty well!!

Here's Ron, trying to look angry (he's actually a really friendly guy!)

I never look in the mirror, till last friday...

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