zondag 20 juni 2010

Psycho Shadow

Today it started with rain, rain and more rain, when I left these orange-coloured soccer-infested Dutch low-lands. But luckily it stopped pissing down at the time I arrived in Belgium. We shot some photo's of Eddy's Honda Shadow 600 hardtail bobber today. The sickle is dropped, hardtailed and painted by a young bikebuilder, Nicky. Since a short period he owns the website Psycho-Cycles.

Athough it stopped raining, it was pretty dark and the clouds where dead-grey. And so I feared for blowing out highlights in the sky. Help, help, what to do about it, I thought! Okay, don't panic! And out came a 500 watt flasher with umbrella diffusor, one strobe for an edge on the front wheel plus two connected strobes (fired with one receiver) for a highlight on Eddy's face, left side. So, the clouds could be under-exposed without covering these symphathetic Belgian guys in the shade. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

This weather is always great for long exposure action shots!

Okay, readers of this blog know that I'm always toying (and annoying, haha!!) with flashlights. At the picture on top you see that it's a flashy picture, made on purpose. But flashlight doesn't have to be that obvious, though.

Let's take today's weather conditions... Grey skies at the middle of the day, that means that the light comes from the 'natural softbox' (the clouds) from above. The result is over-all okay, but also a little 'dull'.

Enlarge these two photo's and you'll see the difference. The picture above is without flashlight, straight out of the camera on the A-position. The fuel tank's top is bright (just like the asphalt) and the bike's side is a little dark. Looks pretty okay'ish, and photoshop is your friend, but it could be more okay than this.

The photo below - I've put the cam in manual position - is a little under-exposed, so the asphalt and the top of the bike are a little darker. The bike's side is filled-in with a flasher + diffusor. Tahdah!

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  1. onr day I'll buy a proper camera and ask you for help with all the options and gadgets, nice example


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