zondag 31 oktober 2010

Cees' Triumph

Because of the poor weather, we did the shoot of this cool Uncle Bunt Triumph chopper in-doors. The futuristic pathway to a parking-garage was a pretty cool decor for this old skool bike, though, with all that dark and grey concrete and the metal bars at the right side. This is the sort of photo-locations I'm looking for, okay?

The bike is build, restored and proudly ridden by Cees van Middendorp.

Did the shots with three flashers: one mainlight through umbrella as fill, a 2th flash as rim on the front wheel and a 3th flasher with blue gells on it for a alien-ish effect. Looking pretty cool!!

Then, after the shots were done, the rain stopped and so we did some action shots too!

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  1. Yes it's a real old Uncle Bunt frame with a Triumph TR7 engine. The real deal :-)


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