zondag 13 februari 2011

Baroness' BSA

Chase the lightning! Artist Antoine Stemerding made this super nice rigid BSA old skool chopper. We shot it indoors and it came out pretty awesome!

It was a low-light situation and so I used 4 speedlights to light up the whole bike: one with umbrella in front, 2 with a little softbox at both sides (rims) and one bare flasher to aim at under-exposed details.

A try out of a cool little trick I read about in one of the strobist books on my book-shelve (it was a long winter again). CTO-gelled all the four speedlights (orange) and then adapted the white balance on the camera. So, the bike keeps its colour, but the background turns... blue! Gettit? At the spot I wasn't sure if I liked it, but it came out the camera really cool!!

Thanks for the nice day Antoine!!

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