zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Zoomy's Triumph

Today the trip went to Ricardo (Zoomy Kustoms) and we shot his wicked Triumph Bonnie, which is spooned into an Uncle bunt rigid frame. Another Triumph chop, another oil-tank's filler cap flying round. (what's all that about Triumphs and filler caps??) This bike is cool as **** with it's nice cocktail shakers and the rattle-can paint, done by mr. Zoomy himself!

I worked with little speedlights a lot lately, as it's easy, light and fast to work with and there's no spaghetti of annoying cables on the ground everywhere. But the lack of power is a problem when I have to compete with the sun. So I tried the big 220 volt mono-blocks again. Have to say it looks really better because of the bigger softboxes and incredible power (check the light / shades on the front tyre, for example), it's more work, though. But this bike is worth the effort, don't you think? Thanks Ric for the great day!!


Me :-)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Great shots of a very cool bike!
    I love the frontend, it really works with the rest of the bike! Great job Zoomy!

    Floris I dont what the hell you're talking about.. what flying oilcaps? :)

    Will one see this bike in person soon, at lets say the RMC easter choppershow or some thing?

  2. The flying oil cap of some guy named Nisse, perhaps? haha


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