zondag 10 april 2011

Slick Chick

RnoCycles' Supercharged Suzuki single

Although I'm a small guy, I'm a BIG fan of RNO Cycles. This very talented bike-builder from Culemborg (The Netherlands) developed an true own style, in which race- and custom/chopper-style are mixed. The way I personally prefer! See here his latest build: the Slick Chick. A supercharged (!!) Suzuki Savage (!!) which is supplied with quality parts exclusively. Only building the shaft of the supercharger was a hell of a job. And then I haven't mentioned the tanks, the fuel pump, the controls etc. etc. etc. Oh, he likes to do something similar with a Harley or Buell or the like... Just contact RnoCycles via his site.

And yes, it runs Fast as F*** (and sounds like the thunder! hell yeah!!)

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