zondag 17 juli 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting

Yesterday we went to the Choppertown Nation Meeting in Nettetal Kaldenkirchen, Germany. It's held in the middle of the town-centre.

I went to the show together with Rno Cycles, who brought his Supercharged Suzuki Savage. One of the coolest bikes ever!

The cool news is that, just a few days befor the show, Sik asked me to join their Photo Shoot-out. Together with El Cheapo from Belgium, Limpe Iven from Holland and special guest Josh Kurpius from USA, who all are a huge inspiration for me.

Sik from the GreaseheadQuarters blog. Thanks mate!

My photo's were hanging next to the art-pieces of photographer Josh Kurpius.

Some cool bikes.


This one was my favourite! I really like it. Who's knows its owner? I would love to shoot this masterpiece!!!

Friend Nisse rode 200 + km's up and down on his recently finished dragstar with super-nice tinwork.

Gotta love these Triumphs

Though it rained pretty much it was a great day. Next year again?

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  1. You're a proper celebrity now, Floris! Sounds like you had a cool time. Josh is a top guy.

  2. I haven't seen Josh (I don't know if he was present himself?) but his photo's are the best!


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