zondag 23 oktober 2011


Something different today! I was asked by Luuth to shoot some photo's for a clock-magazine. He's one of the very very few young guys who's a clock mechanic for profession!

We shot a serie of portraits at his loft, which has a nice eerie castle-ish atmosphere. This is the traditional look I wanted for the photo's, though, restoring antique clocks and watches goes on a pretty modern way these days. One problem: the sunlight through the windows was very bright, so the whole scenere had to be underexposed a few stops, to leave some detail in the windows. The strobes were profided with a full CTO gel. The camera was put on a different light balance, so the light through the windows looks blue.

Also we made a few product photo's of some old clocks, which he's working on.

I did it on my light-table, which I accidentally got a week ago. It's also perfect for motorcycle parts, helmets, and so on...

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