maandag 28 november 2011

Backyard Mechanic

Last saturday Ortwin's super-ultra-detailed S&S bobber was shot in a nice old building. It's backyard-built by this Dutch craftsman and striped by Incastien in a nice old skool style (scallops).

(stole this picture from the Backyard Mechanic blog)

We shot some photo's outside, and the indoor-pix are shot with studio flashers. As you see on the picture on top - in comparing with the pix on bottom - the background is underexposed to get a nice moody atmosphere. Which photo do you prefer: With the beautiful looking model Nousjka, or with Ortwin, who practiced a lot on looking bad, haha. Thanks for the nice day!

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  1. I know which pic I like most :-)
    Only noticed afterwards that you showed your camera and BIG lens to Nousjka very frequently


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