maandag 7 september 2009

Evert's highneck

The Dutch chopperbuilders of L&L did it again. This highneck, owned by Evert, is made by L&L and now is splitting lanes in the regions of Hoogvliet.

Look at the weird shades at the ground... Riding shots with sun from the right AND with hard light from left?

Yes! I thought about to make a rack on the car to mount a flasher at! It's made from some old pipes and clamps, and it works!! Too bad, the recycling time of the flash head is (too) slow to make a big and fast serie of shots, but I'll find out something for that...

Photo's are made at the Europoort, a big industrial terrain dominated by oil factories like Shell. Where's my Prozac? The place is really depressing, but worthy for making bike pictures!

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