donderdag 10 september 2009

Niek's GSX400 rigid

Ever seen a GSX400 based rigid chopper? I didn't, till yesterday, when we shot this home brewn old style chopper of 21 year young Niek. He's a really funny guy, but he's really touch when he'd to smile at the bird. Did some late night shots, while the weather was really dreary. His girlfried Brigit did a lot of detailling like the pinstriping and some brass parts. And she posed for some nice photo's too. Cool! More pics later, but I've got a busy day today :-)

Y'see, he really likes this bike!

It's said that choppers make girls go crazy. It's true!! Who's this lady? We don't know either! She just dropped by, smiled one single second for the cam and then dissapeared without saying a word... And no, she didn't give us her numer. Damn! What people might do to become really, really famous!

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