zondag 11 april 2010

Edwin's Shovel chop

What's supposed to be a bright and sunny day, turned out to be a very cold and cloudy day. But this was no problem for Edwin! He and his friend Rien Bosua of RB Special Parts in Alblasserdam, who'd constructed this awesome machine, faced up the cold temperatures and rode their bikes for this photoshoot. Look, I've nothing against black bikes, but THIS, lady's and gentleman, is the reason why bright colours are better!!!! All shots are done with three speedlights and pwII receivers, (somewhat under-exposed the skies to keep some blue tint in it) and the apple-green just BLAST out of my computer screen! Thanks for the great day, guys!

Edwin not only was taking pictures of 'yours truly' in action, all the time, but also learned today that frog-view photo's are looking the best. So, here he's taking some snaps with his digi cam, in case my photo's were screwed-up :-)

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