woensdag 19 mei 2010

Ramon's Evo chopper

Today we went to the Cote D'azur in France, to shoot Ramon's Evolution chopper!

Just kidding! It was a stone pit somewhere in Brabant, were we had approval to do a fast (!) photoshoot in the half-an-hour rest-break of the work-guys. We did some really cool shots, though. The conditions were really sunny and unfortunately, really windy too. I put one big studio flash with umbrelly next to my car to get it out of the wind. It had to fill-in the shades of the bike's side. Y'know, it was 12:30 o'clock, with the sun burning hot from high above upon the bike's top! Also I put dual strobe-flashes behind the bike, high, and one in front of the bike, just to light the tires and seperate 'em from the background. We did the session really quick and then all the big power-shovels and trucks came out and so we went to to a little pool wich had a bizarre green/blue colour, like if we were in the South of France! Yessss, I'm on vacation all the time...

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