zaterdag 22 mei 2010


I actually only planned to make some photo's of Nito's Ironhead chopper. But then he told about this group of greasy friends, the Schapekoppen (Sheep head): a little group of chopper/riding/tooling/drinking/BBQ'ing friends in Dordrecht. Check out their blog! And so, at the spot we decided to change plans. Crazy plans, to be exactly! So, we don't make a bike-feature, but a lifestyle report of the Schapekoppen crew! Janus with his cool Sportster, Nit(r)o with his smokin' Ironhead and the dead-cool Intruder (Yes, it really is!!!!) of Jacco. All the paintwork is done by Jacco's 'Royal Kustom Works', check his website, as he's a very talented painter & pinstriper! Have I already said I really like this Intruder? I'm not the biggest Intruder fan ever on this planet, but I really like Jacco's intruder...

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