vrijdag 24 september 2010

Bigtwin magazine october 2010

Ahhh, another good one! The bigtwin issue of october will be great. Check out Rianne on the cover. And there's the annual Harley-Davidson dealer special of Bigtwin too!

Here's some of my shots. Mr. Kistekloete is featured: the guy who'd build this wicked softail chopper. He has almost finished another bike which will be photographed too. Also check out the 'Schapekoppen', the Frisco freaks from Dordrecht! And what about Rianne's Intruder, the photoshoot which almost caused a crashed car because a passing driver could't keep his eyes of her... And then there's the rigid Sportster chop from the dark centuries, owned by the Belgian guy Martin. El Verdugo! Last but not least I can't wait to see the action shot in a A3 spread of Jose's Black Thunder!


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