vrijdag 3 september 2010

RNO Cycles GSX-R 1400 streetfighter

Freaking late, 23:14, and just back from a photo shoot of RNO Cycle's GSXR-1400 streetfighter. I've shot another of Arno's bikes before: the Savage custom which was featured in Bigtwin & BSH magazine. He's one of the most friendly and enthusiastic custom freaks i've met and he's really talented too. Check out his website and blog!

We spend the day in Nijmegen and photographed the bike under nice sunshine skies. After eating a delicious pizza (served by delicious looking ladies) we went to the underground empty parking place. Once finished setting up the studio-lights, we were asked to leave the place by the security, though. (********) I guess at home this Mr. Moustache is bashed by his wife (who probably has a moustache too?) So we went outside and succeeded making some nice shots with lights of a casino as back-drop.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hahaha, ik hoop dat je bromsnor dit ook rechtstreeks verteld hebt.
    Ordnung muss sein....

  2. No, otherwise we probably ended up making photo's in jail hahaha!!


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