zaterdag 1 augustus 2009


Yesterday I went to Heerlen and make some photo's of the custom- and hotrod garage K-A-R-S, runned by Tristan and his crew. Tomek runs the K-A-R-S shop. You might know Tristan from the many magazine's he and his projects are featured in... But also he did Pimp My Ride for a season! I shot some pics of his atmospheric garage (have I told you I love strobes??), Tomek's shop and a full photoshoot of a neat pre-unit Triumph chopper too!

The K-A-R-S crew, cool photo, shot with 2 bare strobes to blow away some shades


How old skool could an old-skool Triumph chop be?

Tristan, here doing some fine metal-shaping (bare strobes left and right side)

Cool wide-angle shot of Tristan and his bike

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