maandag 10 augustus 2009

Virago choppers

Wednesday (see post below) I visited the photographer Limpe Iven and chatted about lightning stuff. A day later I went to Ortwin & Manon to shoot their WILD Virago choppers and I could turn some of Limpe's theory's in practice.

After this photoshoot I ended up at the roadside (in the middle of the night!!) with a f*cked up battery and the Wegenwacht didn't want to help me out! So... I know which organisation I don't want to be member of...

But luckily Ortwin dragged me and my car to his home at 2:00 in the morning! Thanks mate!!

Ortwin's car wheeled rigid Virago, dead cool!

Ortwin, low sun at the right side and a soft flash at the left

Manon, with some flash from the right side, shot at 10 mm

Late sun plus flashers... the best combination there is!

Me, eating dust... (picture by Ortwin, who laughed at me...)

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