woensdag 19 augustus 2009


Next saturday the new Bigtwin magazine will drop in the mail-box... It's a good one (and not only because there's lots of stuff from me in it!) More about the new Bigtwin magazine at http://www.bigtwin.nl/

Guess who did the cover photo? Playing around with all those heavy lights and batteries finally starts having result :-)

Part 1 of my project 1Off, a 'how-to' about the paintwork by KustomBart. Cool or cool?! As I speak, he's working on a new paint-cabin, by the way...

The Ultima 'El Bruto' by Motley Choppers. The've got a new website!

Eelco's 14 Cycles TwinCam (can't wait to see the whole feature as there were plenty of dead-cool photo's of that photoshoot... The location was excellent!)

Danny's Savage, also shot with studio lights

The Belgian xs400 rat rod chopper, the action shot looks cool, huh?

And, of course, the Triumph Young Skool, made by the 18 year young El Renne!!!!

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