woensdag 24 maart 2010

L&L Sportsters

Finally some good weather today and so I went to L&L Choppers and shot two of their resent creations. It's two Harley-Davidson Sportster choppers of Michel and Mark. Both guys were really patience and so they let me play around with my strobes! Thanks!! We did a lot of 'standard' statics. But we had some time left so did also some wide-angle strobist arty farty magic :-)

Okay, the flash set-up of both pictures: Bright sun up front, the sky is under-exposed for about two stops. Did this with a really short shutter-time, actually shorter than the flash-duration, but you don't notice it on the pictures. I put a strobe left-high behind the guys, another strobe right-side, behind the front-wheel and a thirth strobe at my right hand next to me. This one was supplied with a grid, just to only light up the front end of the bike and not the face. Never did something like this before but I think it worked out quit good!!

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  1. You sure light up my days, Floris! Looking good mate, wanna practice your lighting magic on a van someday?


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