donderdag 18 maart 2010

two cool Harleys in new Bigtwin magazine

Every third thursday of the month I’m exited, as Bigtwin magazine, this day, always updates their website and shows what bikes are featured in the next month’s issue! Y’know, I’m pushing the F5 button all the time.... Being inpatience and all that... Well, in the april issue of Bigtwin there are two of my photoshoots published. It’s Sjoerd’s Panhead, with pictures I’m still very proud of. And also Henk’s CCR95 Evo bobber is in next month’s issue. And some translation work too. And then there’s cool GSXR hardtail chopper in old skool British streetfighter style. I think it’s shot by colleague Grizzly? Wow, can’t wait till this issue drops in my mailbox!

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