zaterdag 31 juli 2010


Besides motorcycle photography, I would like to shoot more other subjects too. Here's one of my best friends who's in folk/black metal bands. I shot some photo's which he can use for his new vinyl album.

It looks like it's made at dawn...But surprise surprise! These shots were made at 6 o' clock, with bright skies and sunlight!

To get this dramatic effect, I had to overpower the sunlight and extremely underexpose the skies. Therefor I'd to put the aperture on F16 (or F20, I'm not sure) and the shutterspeed was the shortest I could use for synchronisation with the flashers (1/250)

Result: Dark skies, and Arjan is just a silhouet. First I'd set-up two rim lights (Nikon SB600 speedlights).

(set-up example of the silhouet with 2 rim-lights)

When that looked correct, I'd put a 500 watt studiolight at the front/right, full power, with a beauty dish on it. Ta!

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