vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Suzuki C1800RT Road Test

This week I've got the C1800RT for a road test. The two-tone painted Suzuki is dressed with a wind-screen, saddle-bags, foot-steps and all that. We did some shots at the 'Posbank', a nice place at the Veluwe, near my home, which fits great with the classic looks of the bike. Actually, I shot these photo's against the direction of the sun! First impression: it's big and heavy! You'll read more about it in Bigtwin magazine soon :-)

Behind the scenes: Sometimes there was harsh sun (behind the bike, right) and then it dissapeared behind the clouds every time. So I had to change the aperture and the lights a lot for a good light mixture. The background is under-exposed a bit, 'cause otherwise the sky would be too bright. I pointed 3 lights on the bike.

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