donderdag 1 juli 2010

He's the man!

I've got much respect for Niels. He's a real dare devil and rides this creation. Or should I say, creature? 'Coz it's alive and it throws stuff at me while i'm riding behind it. stuff, like pieces of wiring, tank-caps and litres of oil. And he makes a policeman not noticing this shit (shatting an talking about the nice Police BMW "nice radio, and ohhh, those are nice hand cuffs!") while standing next to it. I've been at Niels place a few weeks before but then he scored a set of new pipes. "These hexagon pipes are looking better, or those fishy tails?" he asked. "Why not shooting photo's of the bike with both pipes?" I asked? Another reason for going there again is that they have delicious pie-cake too.

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