donderdag 18 november 2010

Bigtwin December

On the cover of the new Bigtwin magazine: the Belgian crazy guy Koen Gezels!!!! Well deserved 1st place in the modified Harley class on the Bigtwin Bikeshow and the one who surprised me with the most spectacular photo-shoot ever. His Dirttracker is mad! And also the Number 61 bobberstyle of Jan is featured. With Mandy on the bike... And then to mention the trike of JAS trikes, with a V8 engine as power-source. Like it! And what about the Psycho Shadow from the Belgian guy Eddy? And last but not least, the Old Mill Chopper of Ramon, of which we made a really cool photoshoot at a great location.
It will take two loooong days before this new issue will drop on the door-mat. Till then I have to do with these little jpg's. And as seen on the Bigtwin website there are many other cool feature-bikes in this new issue!!

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