maandag 8 november 2010

Bike or trike?

Esko, Joakim and his father came all the way from Finland to the Bigtwin Bikeshow with this typical Scandinavian bike. However? It has two rear wheels, instead of one. But it isn't exactly a trike either... Strange but beautiful, so I had to shoot it at the spot, and therefor we improvised a 'studio' at the bar in the hall. The bike has a theme: Kalevala. It's about paganism, magic and witchcraft. Sounds evil, isn't it? But these guys from Finland are the most friendly persons ever! Nice meeting you!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm not a buttman but man this bike/trikes rear is lovely!

  2. Floris, do you have any contact info on these guys? Shop name? Anything???

  3. If you see this creation you wouldn't believe it, but they're actually private builders. Joakim Liewendahl is the name of one of the guys.

  4. Thank God he won at some shows with this creation before.. like Hot Rod & Rock Show (Fin) and at Norrtälje (Swe)...


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