dinsdag 3 februari 2009

First post!

Hi Folks! Here's the first post in my fresh new weblog. Last weekend I've shot this cool CB400N old skool chopper of Zoomy, the moderator of the hardtailmaniac messageboard. The bloke owns a Jukebox, and a pinball play too! It was freezing cold this weekend.

Some good news for Philip of DarkStarKustoms as his first bike which he'd built under the banner of DSK is now featured in BackStreetHeroes magazine (uk). It was in Bigtwin magazine (nl) before. Czech two stroke power!

This is another bike of DarkStarKustoms, the El Santo Diablo. Soon to be covered in DicE magazine (usa).
Shot with two speedlights through/in umbrella's at the end of the day, while the sun was going down.

Got the new Bigtwin magazine in my mailbox, with a cool feature of three L&L Attackit Sportsters, I shot a few months ago. We did some cool nightshots at a fuel-station. check their site
Two speedlights plus umbrella's were used. Without flashers, the subject was fully black (shade).

And another feature in Bigtwin and 100% biker this month of Harry's dead cool Triumph bobchop. Old skool is cool! Two speedlights plus umbrella's and a (too) high iso... it was pretty dark in there...

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