maandag 23 februari 2009


you might have noticed that I'm crazy about true ratbikes. Although -to my opinion- the whole ratbikescene is going downhill, with each year less and less extreme n' agressive rats... Standard Japanese bikes with just a layer of can-sprayed black and some skulls and toys here- and there, seems to be the standard nowadays in ratland, too pity. I like to see extreme modifications; mechanical and fysical, let the angle grinder spin! We've seen so many raw creations before, dieselbikes, radical junk-rats, car-engined rats and so on! I'll add some pics of them on this blog one day...

Well, these two matt-black ones I've shot at the Rat & Survivalshow were absolutely stunning examples of good ratbikes! They're featured in 100% biker, by the way!

Paul's ratfighter

Boon's survivalbike with loooong swingarm :-)

And a year before, 2007, I did this shoot of another killer-rat from Boon. Look at the crazy wheely he did!!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. see that dude wheely!
    great pic!

  2. A little later he was going eehhhh.... off road, haha :-)


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