dinsdag 3 februari 2009

the bike-bug infection

It was about nine years ago when we went to a campground in South-England. Few days before we’d seen a dead-cool trike, based on a street’s lightpole (!) as chassis, but this bike named ‘Blitzkrieg’, a true English style BMW survivalbike was really the shit! I knew that this was the stuff I would like to build. Ever since I visited the annual Rat & Survivalshow in England where I spot other ‘icons’ like the well-known ‘Future Bike’, owned by the editor of 100% biker magazine.

When I came home from that particular holiday in England, years ago, I immediately started to spray my CM450 chop matt black. Then came my flat coloured ’75 Ironhead chop. But this, in my opinion, wasn’t extreme enough and what came next was this Bol d’or survivalbike in true British survivalstyle like the cool bikes above. Mad Max to the bone! My trailered rat was named Gonzo. Clink from BackStreetHeroes photographed it at the Rat-& Survivalshow 2006 in England, where it got the ‘Best Survivalbike’ trophee too! About a year later, the German photographer Sabine Welte shot the bike and it was published in magazines all around the world, and also in her great book ‘Extreme Bikes’. Some of my own pictures even made into Street Chopper magazine in USA! Unfortunately, Gonzo is sort of RIP, and now is being transformed into a sort of cafe-racer. A neat and clean bike with funfair-colours and everything... I’m getting old, huh?

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