zaterdag 14 februari 2009

Project Honda

You might have noticed my ratbike ‘Gonzo’ in a previous blogpost. Well, Gonzo is officially dead now! It stood in my backgarden for a while without being ridden. The electric looming was total crap because of the countless ‘bypasses’ in the wires and also the engine started to leak. The lights didn’t work properly anymore and one time, the horn suddenly started to sound continuously in the middle of the night! really!!
So it was time to do something with it: Bring it to the scrapheap? No. As Gonzo always brought me whereever I wanted to go and also was considered an ‘Icon’ in the world of ratbikes, it deserved a second life. But not as a matt-black monster!

We’re rebuilding it into a sort of (cafe)racer now. Bennie, my father, again helps me with the work. In his garage it’s like the OCC soap on the telly; we’re always arguing about the design... Bennie wants something practical and I want something radical. The result will be something in-between. But we have loads of fun, and that what it’s about.

This is were we are now with the Honda racer. Still looks like a heap of crap, isn’t it? But if you look through your ‘designer-glasses’, you might see what it will look like in a few months...

One-off tank, exhaust and seat (yes, it was a Mustang tank from a old Harley chopper!)

my father Bennie is looking happy with it :-)

some pics of how we made the tank. The underside is stock Honda, the rest is made ourselves, the filler cap is from Ducati

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