dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Jan's Honda's

I remember that I started taking snapshots with a point n' shoot camera, a Canon compact. With a little luck the pics were pretty allright. One of my first ever photoshoots was this retro '70's chopper of Jan alias 'Geronimo' which I did with an ancient Practica film camera with an old 50mm 'pancake' glass. Y'know, it didn't had Auto-focus, auto-lightning and that sort of 'modern' gadgets. It took an age per foto to make and half of them was out of focus... But it was big fun and also a good learn-school.

About a year later, 2007, Jan finished another Honda chopper, and again I visited him for a shoot. It was the 1st shoot for Bigtwin magazine

It didn't took long before this greasehead finished another dead cool chopper, better, lower, louder and rougher than anything he'd done before. This time he arranged a professional model girl for the shoot. The bike ended up as poster in Bigtwin magazine!

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  1. Progress is what keeps a man going !

    Congrats on the Blog !


  2. Thanks for your kind words. Your photo's are fantastic! Your blog is added.



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