woensdag 25 februari 2009

Streetmonsters magazine

Tres cool, the "Illogical Progression" ratbike, which I've shot back in 2005 at the Rat & Survivalshow in England, is now published in a French magazine named Streetmonsters. Check out their Streetmonsters website

Streetmonsters magazine from France

The "Illogical Progression", as featured in Streetmonsters now. A Suzuki RF900 based survivalfighter... Isn't this the most wicked bike ever made on the planet?!

Me, back in 2006, shooting Rob's wicked bike. The good old rat-days!

Another bike I shot at the Rat-&Survivalweekend of 2006, "Kanalratte", dressed with dead animals and everything!

Ratbikes, survivalbikes, choppers... Whatever? It can all be mixed up in one bike! A cool feature-worthy chopper from UK.

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