woensdag 29 juli 2009

Some progress on project 1Off

Cool Floris' style 4-in-1 exhaust, wrapped & shielded

Bennie is making a top-yoke... it allready fits, but it needs some fine re-shaping, huh?!

BackStreetHeroes Blog

I've noticed the BackStreetHeroes weblog before, the web-spot of one of the world's coolest chopper magazines. This time the editor Blue is announcing the next month's issue, with a feature of one of the coolest bikes on the planet: The VDB Works' xs650 Mooseneck. That's two times COOL, eerrr.. three times! Cool cool cool.... Buy or die!

zaterdag 25 juli 2009

Bozzies bike

This is Bozzies' latest project, the Codex Gigas, a three meter long Monster with a 28 inch (!!!!) front wheel. It wasn't a easy job to photograph a full-white bike! The photo's needed to be heavy under-exposed to keep some tincture in the whites. But then the man on the bike would be under-exposed too!? So that needed an extra light to light-out the shades. and so on...

There are some crazy things happened for the photo-shoot, some evil Satanic things, I can say :-) When the bike is featured I'll post more pics of this monster.

woensdag 22 juli 2009

Indian... from the archives

I photographed this Indian last year for BSH magazine. It's built by L&L choppers!

Tjeerd's SR in BackStreetHeroes

Tjeerd of Short Cut Choppers made this SR500 single in the style of the Brat's. Paintwork is done by KustomBart. This cool machine now is featured in the latest BackStreetHeroes magazine! Tjeerd recently finished the coolest Triumph on the planet and I'm still waiting for the day to shoot that sickle!!

Sun from left, flashlight with gold reflective umbrella at the right-hand side

From the archives...

This Daihatsu dieselbike is photographed at the 2007 Rat & Survivalshow in Nottingham, England. It's one of the best treasures of the English bikescene, if you ask me! It's created by Haydn around a Charade engine and it features tons of amazing details. The bike is published in Bigtwin magazine those days. Rats are cool? Definately!

dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Cool stuff in the new Bigtwin

Jeroen's VDB-works xs650 is in the new Bigtwin. It's one of the coolest and most ingenious bikes I've ever seen!

...And Karin's Chief Sportster is featured too! Can't wait to have the mag in my mailbox :-)

maandag 20 juli 2009

Ron's Intruder

Last Friday we visited Ron in the pittoresque city Witteveen. This is his Dead Man's Hand Intruder, built by T&T Customs from eeehhhh... Emmercompascuum, of all places! They did a fine job and this Intruder looks fat! The rain just stopped pissing when we started the shoot and tt was a stormy day, so I could'n use my brelly's. I re-invented my two small SB pocket flashers. No softboxes, just bare, and I wasn't really dissapointed! It gives just enough light to blow some shades from the bike, but it turned out pretty well!!

Here's Ron, trying to look angry (he's actually a really friendly guy!)

I never look in the mirror, till last friday...

maandag 13 juli 2009

Triumph bobba'

Again, we visited Belgium for a bike-shoot. I'd better get a house over there! This time we came for bart's Triumph bobber. The weather was difficult; sometimes the rain pissed down and then there was a few seconds with bright sun.

Photo without flashers, but with dog :-)

Here it pissed down, photo with 2 studio-lights

I love my 10mm wide-angle

vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Project 1Off, MillerKustomUpholstery

I'm right back from MillerKustomUpholstery, who's located in the shop of Kieft & Klok.
Marcel made the coolest seat ever, and it's made of metalflake silver vinyl with golden rims. Tuck n' roll to the bone! Thanks for the wonderful seat Marcel!!!!

woensdag 8 juli 2009

It's me!

Found this jpg in my archives. Yep, it’s me! My project Own Skool was featured in Bigtwin magazine a while ago. The pictures are made by Grizzly.

dinsdag 7 juli 2009

xs400 from Belgium

Last sunday we rode to Belgium again, this time for Erkki's Amen Saviour based xs400 chop. I found out that the sandbags for the flash-light tripods are still not heavy enough... Need some serious heavy duty light-stands aarrghhh!!!

Tried some arty farty angles...

Low point view. look at the heat coming off the asphalt :-)

Look what I've got?

I've found a package in my mailbox, with a Twisted style fuel-tank in it! It's send by Mr. Anonymous....

Dutch Hardly Rideables 2009

Dutch Hardly Rideables 2009 was a great party! Read more about it in next Bigtwin magazine.

International Rally Bussloo

We visited the International Rally in Bussloo for Bigtwin magazine