zondag 14 juli 2013

Hub's Harley

After a buch of stock Harleys, Hub wanted to ride something different. A radicalS&S chopper with a rigid frame, to be exactly! The bike is build by Custom House and it has loads of nice details with cupper and brass colours everywhere.

vrijdag 12 juli 2013


Inspired by the bikes of Discovery's superstar Jesse Rooke, Roel started to build a similar bike. Though, not on a Harley-base, but on a Yamaha XS650. A second different is that Roel created his bike on a serious low budget. Everything is home-made, even the paintjob is done by this craftsman! Another surprise... This is just Roel's first build! We shot some nice pix at a wonderfull backdrop in Eindhoven. One of the best bikes I've seen so far, really love it!!

donderdag 11 juli 2013


Something different than shooting bikes :-)

maandag 8 juli 2013

Ruud's CB360

The scene is all about big size Harleys? No F*cking Way! Today we shot some killer photo's of Ruud's Honda CB360, which is inspired by the Japanese guys of Bratstyle. I saw this bike in Bottrop last year for the 1st time, and I was so impressed that I had to shoot it. In the mean-time the bike was even improved with a new pair of one-off exhaust by Ruud, who happens to be a metal-worker and welder for profession. And check that amazing paint by Royal Jack and a seat by Marcel Miller! This bike is one of the coolest 'trackers around..

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

500 Eurobomber

Really enjoyed shooting Paul Funk's great bike today!

Fighters magazine Germany

Really like how this photo came out in the feature!