vrijdag 23 augustus 2013


Now post-processing a photoshoot of the NOX, a Attackit based rigid Sportster built by L&L choppers.
What a colours!!

woensdag 21 augustus 2013


Did a great photoshoot of a baby today in my portable studio. So I took a few shots of some of my bonsai trees too... Came out great! Do you want a shoot of your trees? Maybe at a club-event or a show?

zondag 18 augustus 2013

High end 'Trudy

I visited Danny about two years ago to shoot some photo's of his Suzuki Savage. A nice bobber which was low-budget rebuild, a great bike for a starter. This time he made a bike which is many, many levels higher. this Intruder custombike can stand next to a LMC, a Walz or a Thunderbike, without any shame! Take a look at the countless one-off parts like the frame, a-symmetric seat with racing number, the stretched fuel tank and the fenders. Just amazing!

vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Vintage Racer 23

This Vintage Racer 23 was build by the Dutch famous bikeshop L&L Choppers. If you ask me (but no-one does...) this is one of their best bikes ever! It features a one-off stretched and dropped frame and two (!) 23 inch wheels. This vintage race style is exactly what I personally like and it was a pleasure to take a serie excellent shots of this wonderfull machine!

Check out the L&L Choppers website (or better, visit their great shop!)

Behind the scenes...

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

zondag 11 augustus 2013

Peter's Flatty

A bike with much surprises is this Flathead of Peter. At the first instance it looks like a pretty stock classic with a pair of Shovelhead wheels. But when Peter starst to tell everything about this old Harley-Davidson, it turn's out to be a high-light of custombike building! All the wirk is hidden inside the old Flathead engine, which is made completely up to date, with features like a modern belt drive. Pulleys, bearings, sprockets, bolts, nuts, covers etcetera, it's all made by this craftsman. And much work is done on a self made (!!!) CNC milling machine. Just... WOW! Thanks for the nice day Peter!