zondag 28 november 2010

Burn baby burn!

Flashers and smoke, I like it :-)

(and yes, it was freezing... who needs a jacket?)

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Remco's YZF 750 R...

On the cover of Fighters magazine!

Nisse & the cursed Necromancer

Check out this blog: http://motocycodelic.blogspot.com/.
Nisse (Niels) owns the wicked (bewitched and cursed) 3TA Triumph chopper in 70's style, which I shot this summer. This bike is seen on some bikeshows in Holland. All the 'adventures' Niels experienced he writes about on his blog. But in a very cool way!
Stole two drawings from his blog (sorry Niels, I owe you a apple pie!) which is starring... me!! Haha! Check that out!! Niels is a genius. Period!

1) We were accompanied by a policeman, during the shoot. Nisse did everything to keep this guy away from his leaking stinking 'sickle.

2) While driving behind Niels, the Triumph not only leaves his marks with oil, but also with parts.

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Killer Queen

As said in an earlier post, I will write a poem about one of the best custombikes ever made. Yesterday I did! Rene van Tuil (Revatu Customs) brought his awesome little boardtracker and model Tessa (Killer Queen) came with us to the shoot. She's a part-time model and except for her great looks, he brought a suitcase full of nostalgic clothes with her. On this photo: steampunk all the way!! For me it was actually the first time shooting with a real model. Thanks Killer Queen for the wonderful photo's!

Oh, I was talking about the bike... I don't? okay, pardon me. This is Rene, a hero, because of building this wicked bike and thinking out of the box. And he's a pretty good model too...

donderdag 18 november 2010

Bigtwin December

On the cover of the new Bigtwin magazine: the Belgian crazy guy Koen Gezels!!!! Well deserved 1st place in the modified Harley class on the Bigtwin Bikeshow and the one who surprised me with the most spectacular photo-shoot ever. His Dirttracker is mad! And also the Number 61 bobberstyle of Jan is featured. With Mandy on the bike... And then to mention the trike of JAS trikes, with a V8 engine as power-source. Like it! And what about the Psycho Shadow from the Belgian guy Eddy? And last but not least, the Old Mill Chopper of Ramon, of which we made a really cool photoshoot at a great location.
It will take two loooong days before this new issue will drop on the door-mat. Till then I have to do with these little jpg's. And as seen on the Bigtwin website there are many other cool feature-bikes in this new issue!!

maandag 15 november 2010

The Harton in KicXstart

The Harton is featured in the Sportive Dutch motorcycle magazine KicXstart.

zaterdag 13 november 2010

Smokin' photo's!

... of a smokin' choppa'.
Wim & Jos from Diest, Belgium, made this CB650 chopper with a budget of almost none. While it pissed down outside, we made some nice photo's indoors a atmospheric old hall. Looking good, huh! Thanx for the nice day!

maandag 8 november 2010

Beware for the sickboyz

Gary & Wade, a.k.a. the Sickboyz, came from England to the Bigtwin Bikeshow with this Besame El Culo, which means something like 'Kiss My Arse'. The bike features tons of cool details and so it was good for a trophee! It's a Ultima 'Shovelhead-style' engine, btw.

Bike or trike?

Esko, Joakim and his father came all the way from Finland to the Bigtwin Bikeshow with this typical Scandinavian bike. However? It has two rear wheels, instead of one. But it isn't exactly a trike either... Strange but beautiful, so I had to shoot it at the spot, and therefor we improvised a 'studio' at the bar in the hall. The bike has a theme: Kalevala. It's about paganism, magic and witchcraft. Sounds evil, isn't it? But these guys from Finland are the most friendly persons ever! Nice meeting you!!

Revatu's boardtracker

I'm in love with this bike and I soon will write a poem, eeehhh arrange a photo-shoot. It's one of the best bikes I've ever seen. Revatu (Rene van Tuil) crafted this bike with his bare hands and he's is a hero! And the bike runs (and sounds!!!!) great! 3th place at the Bigtwin Bikeshow. What sort of engine this is? Try to find out yourself first :-)

Krugger @ Bigtwin Bikeshow

Thanks to the ever friendly and enthousiastic organisation, the Bigtwin Bikeshow 2010 was a stunning event again. There were some killer bikes on the bikeshow, like a Finnish trike'ish creation, the mind-blowing Revatu boardtracker and much more. The dealer expo was great, with nice stalls, from L&L, SPS (with Zero production bikes and the BBO Zero creation!) , Iron Pit and my friends of RNO Cycles. With about 1500 new pics on my computer, the free space of my harddrive is radically increased, so I will not be bored, watching 'Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden' on the telly, the upcoming days :-) I'll show you some more cool bikes soon.

The World Championship winning bike from Krugger was there too. Of course I had to take the opportunity to do something with this and I really wanted to shoot it! The bike, though, could not be put outside the building and had to stay at the stall of krugger's. And it could not be wheeled round to shoot the other side, as it was placed on a lift in the little stall. So, to deal with this, I had to shoot it in two days.
Saturday morning I had just a few minutes to put up my studio-lights at Krugger's stall, before the show opened and all the visitors came in. After the merchandise was removed from the walls, I made some photo's, while it was called through the speakers that the show will be opened in 5 minutes. Hurry hurry!!
Sunday after the show I shot the other side in a time-span of just seconds, while people were removing the bikes and stalls around me.

With some photoshopping, cleaning up the background etc. I come to this studio'ish result. And I'm pretty happy with it!

dinsdag 2 november 2010