maandag 31 augustus 2009

Bianca's Walz

Last Friday I met Bianca and her new Walz Hardcore chopper. It's built by Speedhouse from Klazienaveen and the bike is based on real parts from the factory in Hockenheim. This day started dreary... But when Bianca fired up the bike, the sun started to shine and it was a beautiful day to make some beautiful colourfull pictures. It's done with sunlight and a single bare speedlight at the shade-side.

The saturday after, I visited HD point Leeuwarden for an interior shot. Nothing arty farty or blog-worthy, but it was a great opportunity to have some more experience with long shutterspeed's and speedlights in dark situations.

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

South East bobbers

I've got plenty to photograph lately, as you can see at this blog. Today I first visited Central HD Veghel for an interior photoshoot for the 2009 Bigtwin HD special. Then I rode to South East Motorcycles to shoot this bobber-duo, based on standard Harleys, but with so much details that these two bikes are real eye-cathers. The weather was pretty dark and couldn't help it playing around with the flashers again :-)

Nice hairlights :-)

Melanie and her bike

The old Chevy of South East, which we used for today's background and as ride for the action pics. Cool!!

Arthurs' mean green machine!

Arthur & Melanie, flashlights and some American Iron. Isn't this cool?

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Henk's Bobba'

Henk is the coolest guy in town with this Evo bobber. He's a friend of Thijs, the man who runs CCR95, who made this bike for Henk. Some cool photo's are shot in a machine-fabric (with two off shoe strobes and brelly's) in a short period of just one hour.

I shot some nice riding shots too from the trunk of my new score: a Ford diesel station car!

(two flashes with brelly's)

Me & Henk. Look at the dirt in my face, the best point of view in the hall was a corner with oil and grease... but I just HAD to have that shot... errrr.... so...

woensdag 19 augustus 2009


Next saturday the new Bigtwin magazine will drop in the mail-box... It's a good one (and not only because there's lots of stuff from me in it!) More about the new Bigtwin magazine at

Guess who did the cover photo? Playing around with all those heavy lights and batteries finally starts having result :-)

Part 1 of my project 1Off, a 'how-to' about the paintwork by KustomBart. Cool or cool?! As I speak, he's working on a new paint-cabin, by the way...

The Ultima 'El Bruto' by Motley Choppers. The've got a new website!

Eelco's 14 Cycles TwinCam (can't wait to see the whole feature as there were plenty of dead-cool photo's of that photoshoot... The location was excellent!)

Danny's Savage, also shot with studio lights

The Belgian xs400 rat rod chopper, the action shot looks cool, huh?

And, of course, the Triumph Young Skool, made by the 18 year young El Renne!!!!

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Harleydag Breda

Although Harleydag Breda has become too big to my taste (it seems like a familyday happening, so many non-biking people are attracted to this Harley event in Breda) I had a good day last sunday. Shot some pictures for the best magazine in the Benelux.

maandag 10 augustus 2009

Star Riders

Last saturday we went to Belgium to shoot these two Star riders. The location was excellent, an old castle! There was hard mid-day sun and it was hot as hell... played around with speedlights to blow some shades. I'm really happy about how the pics turned out!

Looks like natural light, huh? Bare strobe 1/2 power at the right side :-)

Virago choppers

Wednesday (see post below) I visited the photographer Limpe Iven and chatted about lightning stuff. A day later I went to Ortwin & Manon to shoot their WILD Virago choppers and I could turn some of Limpe's theory's in practice.

After this photoshoot I ended up at the roadside (in the middle of the night!!) with a f*cked up battery and the Wegenwacht didn't want to help me out! So... I know which organisation I don't want to be member of...

But luckily Ortwin dragged me and my car to his home at 2:00 in the morning! Thanks mate!!

Ortwin's car wheeled rigid Virago, dead cool!

Ortwin, low sun at the right side and a soft flash at the left

Manon, with some flash from the right side, shot at 10 mm

Late sun plus flashers... the best combination there is!

Me, eating dust... (picture by Ortwin, who laughed at me...)

Limpe's xs650

Limpe Iven (check his blog) is a excellent photographer...

but he builds some excellent rides too!

So, I phototographed the photograper last wednesday. You can guess what we talked about? You're right! Bikes and photography! I've learned a lot from Limpe Iven. Right again, check out his blog!

zaterdag 1 augustus 2009


In the new Fighters magazine, you'll find Engelbert's cafe racer. It isn't the most difficult bike to built but it seems it has a lot of impact!

Engelbert, burning some rubber here

Another cool Virago, Flub's creation, is shot in 2006. This bike is so low that it doesn't need a jiffy at all!


Yesterday I went to Heerlen and make some photo's of the custom- and hotrod garage K-A-R-S, runned by Tristan and his crew. Tomek runs the K-A-R-S shop. You might know Tristan from the many magazine's he and his projects are featured in... But also he did Pimp My Ride for a season! I shot some pics of his atmospheric garage (have I told you I love strobes??), Tomek's shop and a full photoshoot of a neat pre-unit Triumph chopper too!

The K-A-R-S crew, cool photo, shot with 2 bare strobes to blow away some shades


How old skool could an old-skool Triumph chop be?

Tristan, here doing some fine metal-shaping (bare strobes left and right side)

Cool wide-angle shot of Tristan and his bike