zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Tonny's softail bobber

The winter seems to be endless and I can't wait for the summer, as my trigger-finger (for the camera... y'know) is itching to make some nice photo-shoots. Today there was the first sunshine of 2011, but it was freezing (with a lovely blue winter-sky). Tonny didn't care about a little cold and so we shot his super-cool softail bobber, which is built by Grease Monkey Choppers. Thanks for the nice day and the hot coffee, Tonny!!

donderdag 27 januari 2011

probably the dirtiest cover in BSH history?

Backstreetheroes 323, out soon. (check out their blog) With Koen from Belgium and his off road Shovelhead on... the cover!!!!!

zondag 23 januari 2011


If I have to believe the Dice website, my mate Niels' necro Triumph is featured in the new issue (#36)!! Without the intentions to create a period correct sixties/seventies chopper, Niels aka 'Nisse' made this Dangerous As Hell Triumph which, without question, is one of the sickest bikes in these low-lands. How he did it? With a big hammer and with Burzum, Venom and Darkthrone on his tape-deck... of course.

Bigtwin februari issue!

Some cool stuff in the new Bigtwin again. Ofcourse part II of the Bigtwin Bikeshow, which was a blast. Then we have Ron's 'Old Flames' Shovelhead bobber, photographed at one of the coolest locations in the Netherlands. Revatu's Pea Shooter is in Bigtwin, with on the cover the lovely Tessa 'Killer Queen'. Didn't expect it to be on the cover, twice, freaking cool!!! Then we have Pascal's 'Gimp Neek, an on a Nash frame based gooseneck chopper from Belgium. Also the Mi Mujer Sueno from Belgium is featured, shot at the Antwerpen harbour.

Ohh and I have to mention the article on MMC Rose!! :-)

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Alfa Romeo bike with sidecar (2006)

While cleaning up discs and drives, I stumbled on this photo-shoot I did back in 2006. It's a Alfa Romeo powered motorcycle with a sidecar (which has a gas-tank in it!), build by Roger. F*cking awesome!

woensdag 5 januari 2011

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Revatu's Pea shooter on cover of BSH

Happy new year everyone out there!

2011 Couldn’t start any better. Revatu’s boardtracker (with the beautiful model Tessa ‘Killer Queen) is on the cover of BackStreetHeroes magazine! Oh… and I can go on retirement too, as I’ve won not less than €10,- on the new-year’s lottery! (okay, the lottery ticket cost €30,- but that won't spoil the fun, isn't it?)