zondag 25 april 2010

Mario's Exile

Everyone who hasn't lived under a rock the last few years, have heard of Exile Choppers. But who has seen one in real life? Do you? Well, I haven't, till today, coz I visited Mario who imported a real Exile chopper, build for an American TV show, all the way from USA to Holland. But as the bike wasn't really 100% perfect to his (good!) taste, the bike has been changed a lot since. Oh, by the way, the car he'd put his front-wheel on for the burn-out pic is my station-car, haha! :-)
This was a great weekend with a road test, three fantastic bike shoots and last but not least a BBQ at my sister's house, where I had to ride to with the Suzuki test bike to see how it handles at night. Yep that's hard work! haha! Back on planet earth tomorrow, then it's monday again...

zaterdag 24 april 2010

The father, the son

Ow yeah! This is a great weekend! The weather is to dream about and so I went to Father and Son Beil, today. Although both life a religious Christian lifestyle, they are real lifestyle bikers (and looking like bikers) too!. They're one of the most friendly guys I've ever met! We did a photo shoot of two Honda Shadow choppers they've build together. Looking good, huh? David, by the way, is a great tattoo artist! Check out his website www.truelovetattoo.nl

vrijdag 23 april 2010

The Merlin by Dark Star Kustoms

There are some days that I come home after doing a photoshoot and I'm really excited about the result. Today is such a day! We had loads of fun in the Dunes of The Hague during the shoot of Philips Flathead Chopper. The blue skies are under-exposed and the bike and Philip are filled in with three strobe lights. Here two of the shots, but there is much much more cool stuff on the harddisc :-)

...imagine the soundtrack of *Jump* by Van Halen. Yihaaa!!!!

donderdag 22 april 2010

Suzuki M800 Road Test

Together with Velthuis Senior, Bennie, we went to the Suzuki import dealer today to pick up this Suzuki Intruder M800. It looks great and handles great too. The road test will be published in Bigtwin magazine soon...

Last time I reviewed a Harley Davidson Sportster Iron, but as I'm just 1,65 metres long/short, this bike looked immense big, with me on it. So, some people thought that it was a King Size Sporty that I was testing, haha! Here's me on the Suzuki M800. (this bike looks massive and big in real life, though)

Hmmm, nice photo location :-)

Bigtwin magazine May

Yes, the website of Bigtwin Magazine is updated! This are some photoshoots of last year, now featured in Benelux' best magazine.

Edwin's Intruder custom/streetfighter

My friends Manon & Ortwin and their Virago Choppers

And the Ultima El Bruto chopper of Don!

zondag 18 april 2010

Harton, pure art!

Damn, the photo-season just started and I just shot already one of the best bikes of the year! Which custom made bike could beat this one? Okay, let me explain why I'm so enthousiastic about this Harton. The owner always rode competition with classic racers and as he is a cafe-racer fanatic he decided to make a copy of the Norton Manx. A Norton featherbed frame, but... with an Ironhead engine! Not a plain ordinary engine, though, as he build this V-twin himself. It features an open primary, two carburettors and the rear cylinder's head is turned! And the alloy tank? He shaped and welded it all himself! Pure f*cking art!

zaterdag 17 april 2010

Startwin Special day

Just back from the Startwin Special day in Loenen. It's just about 20 km from my house. However the typical Startwin choppers from their early days weren't present (which I actually expected in high numbers) there was some eye candy! Most of the bikes and visitor's motorcycles were Italian or British cafe-racers.

Startwin dieselbike with a self-made (!!!) diesel engine!

The dieselbike from the other side, and a Startwin two-stroke racer

One of the best ever bikes in progress.... a Vincent cafe-racer with one-off eehhh... everything!

The engine from the other side, look those wonderfull exhaust the guys of Startwin made!

BMW cafe-racer

Some friendly Harley-riders

vrijdag 16 april 2010

Marco's Dyna chopper

Aaahh time to relax! Today we went to the bird-silence-reserve in Huissen, near Arnhem, to see some of the best river forelands in the Netherlands. On these Dutch dykes you're able to spot some odd meadow birds, like the lapwing, spoonbill and also the mighty buzzard is doing great here!

But to this nature beauty came an end today as Marco roared by with his radically-chopped-loud-as-fuck Harley-Davidson Dyna, did some burn-outs and then left with the loud noise of his fish-tails!!

Aaahhh, yes, time to relax. We love nature!

zondag 11 april 2010

Edwin's Shovel chop

What's supposed to be a bright and sunny day, turned out to be a very cold and cloudy day. But this was no problem for Edwin! He and his friend Rien Bosua of RB Special Parts in Alblasserdam, who'd constructed this awesome machine, faced up the cold temperatures and rode their bikes for this photoshoot. Look, I've nothing against black bikes, but THIS, lady's and gentleman, is the reason why bright colours are better!!!! All shots are done with three speedlights and pwII receivers, (somewhat under-exposed the skies to keep some blue tint in it) and the apple-green just BLAST out of my computer screen! Thanks for the great day, guys!

Edwin not only was taking pictures of 'yours truly' in action, all the time, but also learned today that frog-view photo's are looking the best. So, here he's taking some snaps with his digi cam, in case my photo's were screwed-up :-)

zaterdag 10 april 2010

Evo chop from Belgium

Hmmkay, this day started a bit shitty. We went to Antwerpen, Belgium, to shoot this Evo hardtail chopper of Wim. What had to be a fun and short ride of about one hour, ended up as a traffic nightmare of 5 (!!!) hours, as the Belgians decided to do some road-repairs this very day and the traffic was stuck from Breda to Antwerpen.
But then we arrived in Antwerpen and this friendly guy Wim and his nice motorcycle made us smile again! (And we were allowed to make Belgian jokes too! hihi)

maandag 5 april 2010

Rogues MC Choppershow 2010

Time is flying by when having fun, it's a phrase that's really true! I found this out yesterday at the RMC Choppershow 2010, organised by the Rogues from Opmeer. A lot of cool bikes of all makes, sizes and colours and home-built exclusively. What more do we wish?

Painters, leather artists, airbrushers, pinstripers, you name it...

I really liked this boardtracker, based on a Krugger frame and built by a really friendly guy from The Hague.

Lot's of inspiration!

Niels took his Triumph in the back of his Skoda... in parts! No kidding!!

*uch* the best bike of the show...

But this one, a Harley Dyna with 23 inch wheels, was nominated as the best bike of the show, and the jury was right about that!

Ecke's highneck in a new outfit

Short Cut's SR500 single samurai bike

I handled over the latest issue of BSH to Tjeerd, Short, as he is featured in it with his previous Triumph project. He didn't want to be disturbed by passengers at his stall (and not by irritating photographers, too) since...