zaterdag 25 september 2010


Jurgen & Nico from Lommel, Belgium, together build these two radical sporststers in a time-span of one long winter. Welding, striping, painting and eehh.... drinking Jupiler. Everything they did themselves, and with some help of their friends club The Pathfinders... We shot some photo's at an old farm's ground. Thanks for the nice day guys!!

vrijdag 24 september 2010

Bigtwin magazine october 2010

Ahhh, another good one! The bigtwin issue of october will be great. Check out Rianne on the cover. And there's the annual Harley-Davidson dealer special of Bigtwin too!

Here's some of my shots. Mr. Kistekloete is featured: the guy who'd build this wicked softail chopper. He has almost finished another bike which will be photographed too. Also check out the 'Schapekoppen', the Frisco freaks from Dordrecht! And what about Rianne's Intruder, the photoshoot which almost caused a crashed car because a passing driver could't keep his eyes of her... And then there's the rigid Sportster chop from the dark centuries, owned by the Belgian guy Martin. El Verdugo! Last but not least I can't wait to see the action shot in a A3 spread of Jose's Black Thunder!


dinsdag 21 september 2010

Rev-Tech Highneck

Maarten is the owner of Extreme Motorcycle Products. We shot his super-cool promo bike, a 1800cc Rev-Tech highneck chopper and did some snaps of his shop too.

Maarten explains about how his dyno bank works.

zondag 19 september 2010

MMC Rose

It's exactly two years ago when I met this group of biker-girls for the first time. MMC Rose! We liked to know what happened in this time-span. Thanks for the nice day and good laughs!!

The girls wanted a group riding shot. It wasn't quite easy to have them lined-up close to each other.

And of course we did a crazy group shot!

Some of 'em bought new bikes....

When the shots were done, the girls opened their bottles of Rose wine. You've probably guessed that's what they've got their club name from! They didn't like my hair and wanted to try some new styles.

Long blonde looks good...

But what about a dark? Pretty impressive huh?

It's hard being a photographer...

zondag 12 september 2010

From Grave

In a week full of rain, the skies suddenly cleared yesterday and it was sunny weather when we shot this South East Motorcycles built Fatboy, property of Ron, who's military for profession. Ron lives in a city which is named Grave, no kidding! Another super cool feature bike.

zondag 5 september 2010

Pure F*cking Rock & Roll

Ahhhh another cool day!! We visited Glenn from Belgium today and during the photo-shoot he brought his 100% self made (!!!!) guitar with him. Yes, he followed a course shaping acoustic guitars with bare hands and he can play 'em too. While shooting this bike, he played some nice blues and rock & roll tunes. Oh, the bike is cool too! It's a DKW 125 cc hardtail chopper which is as rock n' roll as the songs Glenn played for us today. Remember, after taking a piss, more than two strokes is masturbation!

zaterdag 4 september 2010


Rene from Assen works off-shore and visits all continents of this world. A trip to Malaysia inspired him for this custombike: the Headhunter!

behind the scenes...

Photo stolen from the RNO Cycles blog. It was quite difficult to light this white/black bike (much contrasts!) at night and burn-in the colourfull back-drop with long shutter-speeds... As I didn't want to blow out the whites, and didn't want hot-spots or ugly reflecting metals, I used two big soft-boxes (1,5 metre octabox front/side and a 1,5 metre square one from above, plus a little flasher to light up rims on the wheel) for flat and smooth light. The flashers were put on the lowest powerrrrr and then I altered the aperture till the whites didn't blow.

vrijdag 3 september 2010

RNO Cycles GSX-R 1400 streetfighter

Freaking late, 23:14, and just back from a photo shoot of RNO Cycle's GSXR-1400 streetfighter. I've shot another of Arno's bikes before: the Savage custom which was featured in Bigtwin & BSH magazine. He's one of the most friendly and enthusiastic custom freaks i've met and he's really talented too. Check out his website and blog!

We spend the day in Nijmegen and photographed the bike under nice sunshine skies. After eating a delicious pizza (served by delicious looking ladies) we went to the underground empty parking place. Once finished setting up the studio-lights, we were asked to leave the place by the security, though. (********) I guess at home this Mr. Moustache is bashed by his wife (who probably has a moustache too?) So we went outside and succeeded making some nice shots with lights of a casino as back-drop.