woensdag 30 september 2009

Fighters magazine

The Nozem GSXR-1100 is now featured in das 10 jahre jubilaumsausgabe of the German Fighters Magazine, jawohl. Note the little lettres, hidden somewhere, saying: "Neuken in de Keuken". Funny joke!!

maandag 28 september 2009

Chopper/streetfighter mix Intruder

"Nice, but yet another customized Intruder," I thought, when I saw some shitty snapshots of Edwin's Intruder. But then I visited this guy and saw this bike in real life... WOW! Everything is made in his little shed: the wheels, fuel tank, handlebar, fenders, foot controls, pipes, fork-legs... that's all? errr... no! What about one-off yokes, swing-arm, levers, single riser, rear-axle... the list continues!!! And this is just the first serious project of this talented guy!!!!

Speedlights and wide-angles, luv it!

The paint looks really bright!

Orange Velthuis Choppers

It looks like a television show in our little Garage. Hammering, welding, milling and shouting is what we do. Bennie did a lot of work lately with alloy and he made a nice top-yoke and foot-controls. Together we made a pair of hand grips too... Orange Velthuis Choppers. Where's the tv-crew?

An old window's frame...

Me, doing some mysterious things with the lathe...

Et voila!

Did some cool strobe-shots of Bennie for Bigtwin magazine

1-off-a-kind top yoke by Bennie

It's looking like it!

Alloy foot controls. Bennie is an artist, y'know?

donderdag 24 september 2009

New Bigtwin magazine

I prefer choppers and custombikes with a unique and own style and there are every year a handfull of bikes which are so full of inspiration, craftmanship and designing that they stay hanging around in my mind for months. The Nozem GSXR 1100 is one of these, but the Belgian WILSON II is another highlight of 2009’s ‘Floris Approved’ bikes.The photoshoot was at a great location: a desolate Vlamish cole-mine and good thing was that the owner who listens to the name ‘De Bach’, was so patience that he let me do things with studiolight on location. We did some sunlight photo’s and riding shots too.

And guess what? WILSON II is at the cover of the new Bigtwin magazine!!

Sunlight shot of Wilson II at Bigtwin's cover

...this one is with 2 studiolights and shoot-shru brelly's

Project 1OFF part two, where Marcel Molenaar of MillerKustomUpholstery shows how he made my metalflake vinyl seat!!

Martine's LobSter swingarm Sportster. Heavily modified by Rene.

And of course the Dead Man's hand, a cool Intruder costum!

maandag 21 september 2009

Beautifully brown

Saturday I've visited Erik, the builder of this sweet Sportster boardtracker. We'd enjoyed one of this year's last sunny days. With a air-inlet, made of an old horn and beautiful details like the hand-shaped fender-struds and one-off forward controls, this Attackit based rigid 'tracker is a real head-turner. Brown is beautiful!

dinsdag 15 september 2009

Dieselbike treffen Hamm, Germany, 2009

Every 2th weekend of september there is the Dieselbike treffen in Hamm, Germany. Being made curious by friend Sander, owner & builder of the famous Daihatsu chopper, we went to this cool meeting, about 180 kilometres across the Dutch border. and what cool things we saw there!!!! F*ck stream-line, let's spoil some diesel! More info: http://www.dieselkrad.info/

BMW K100 with Smart engine... Smart! The engine is leaning to the right side...

... with many kilo's of contra-weight at the left side to keep the bike in balance, hahaha :-)

Neat sidecar combi

Look what this bike has for luggage... baking oil! I assure you, that's not for making pancakes...

Daihatsu dieselbike from Dutchman Wim...

Another creation of Wim. And he's building another Daihatsu in his garage too! Hope to do a photoshoot of this bike soon.

Diesel engine on a sidecar!

MZ dieselbike.

Yes, they really ride!

Hatz Bulldog with nice old sidecar

Pepe's sidecar

Because of an accident, lifestyle biker Pepe recently lost both his legs. The guys of the chopperstyle.nl messageboard helped him on his Intruder again and build a custom made sidecar onto it, with place for the wheel chair and everything. Cool or cool?

Speedlights and an under-exposed background

donderdag 10 september 2009

Niek's GSX400 rigid

Ever seen a GSX400 based rigid chopper? I didn't, till yesterday, when we shot this home brewn old style chopper of 21 year young Niek. He's a really funny guy, but he's really touch when he'd to smile at the bird. Did some late night shots, while the weather was really dreary. His girlfried Brigit did a lot of detailling like the pinstriping and some brass parts. And she posed for some nice photo's too. Cool! More pics later, but I've got a busy day today :-)

Y'see, he really likes this bike!

It's said that choppers make girls go crazy. It's true!! Who's this lady? We don't know either! She just dropped by, smiled one single second for the cam and then dissapeared without saying a word... And no, she didn't give us her numer. Damn! What people might do to become really, really famous!

maandag 7 september 2009

Evert's highneck

The Dutch chopperbuilders of L&L did it again. This highneck, owned by Evert, is made by L&L and now is splitting lanes in the regions of Hoogvliet.

Look at the weird shades at the ground... Riding shots with sun from the right AND with hard light from left?

Yes! I thought about to make a rack on the car to mount a flasher at! It's made from some old pipes and clamps, and it works!! Too bad, the recycling time of the flash head is (too) slow to make a big and fast serie of shots, but I'll find out something for that...

Photo's are made at the Europoort, a big industrial terrain dominated by oil factories like Shell. Where's my Prozac? The place is really depressing, but worthy for making bike pictures!