zaterdag 20 april 2013

Rutger's Shovelhead

Today the sun finally showed it's face and so I took my camera and rode to Gronau in Germany. Rutger owns this Shovelhead for a long time and after it was transformed into a Swedish style longbike, he rebuild it into a 80's style bike with bobber influences. The photo's turned out pretty well. Thanks for the nice day Rutger!

zaterdag 13 april 2013

Junkyard Ironhead

Today we took some photo's of a very good Ironhead in a aftermarket softail bobberframe. The owner Peter and (co)builder Giel were all morning busy with washing and polishing this bike. But this was a futile attempt, as the bike is a rusty ratbike. Good good good! I really like it! Thanks for the nice day guys!

woensdag 10 april 2013


Because Rene Van Tuil has so much to tell about every little detail of his Arona Diesel, which I shot a week ago, I visited him again for an interview. You can say it took a few hours, and I'm still flabbergasted about all the crazy things he did to this bike! A good oppurtunity to take a few shots of this brilliant mind! Also he let the bike growl for some action pics. Thanks for the nice day Rene!

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Tr1 cafe racer

A TR1 cafe racer? Yes, it's possible! Check out this amazing bike, built and ridden fast by Maarten. A season starter, but already now one of the best bikes of this year! We shot some amazing photo's at a stone bakery museum. The man and his machine.... Soo to be featured in your favourite magazine!

woensdag 3 april 2013

Revatu diesel

Today we enjoyed some of the rare sunbeams in the Netherlands and took a few pics of Revatu's Arona diesel. The craziest bike I've ever seen. It's based on a ship's diesel engine and it has loads of DIY parts from around house & kitchen. It wins trophees everywhere and it's to be seen on the Wold Championship of bike building. Why? Check this bike and it's story in your favourite magazine, soon!