zaterdag 31 juli 2010


Besides motorcycle photography, I would like to shoot more other subjects too. Here's one of my best friends who's in folk/black metal bands. I shot some photo's which he can use for his new vinyl album.

It looks like it's made at dawn...But surprise surprise! These shots were made at 6 o' clock, with bright skies and sunlight!

To get this dramatic effect, I had to overpower the sunlight and extremely underexpose the skies. Therefor I'd to put the aperture on F16 (or F20, I'm not sure) and the shutterspeed was the shortest I could use for synchronisation with the flashers (1/250)

Result: Dark skies, and Arjan is just a silhouet. First I'd set-up two rim lights (Nikon SB600 speedlights).

(set-up example of the silhouet with 2 rim-lights)

When that looked correct, I'd put a 500 watt studiolight at the front/right, full power, with a beauty dish on it. Ta!

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

Gino's Pan

When you see this chopper you'll think of the end sixties choppers, like seen in Easy Rider. But it actually was Indian Larry, who inspired Gino for this Panhead hardtail chopper! Again 600 kilometres extra on the clock today as I went to Brugge, Belgium.

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Suzuki C1800RT Road Test

This week I've got the C1800RT for a road test. The two-tone painted Suzuki is dressed with a wind-screen, saddle-bags, foot-steps and all that. We did some shots at the 'Posbank', a nice place at the Veluwe, near my home, which fits great with the classic looks of the bike. Actually, I shot these photo's against the direction of the sun! First impression: it's big and heavy! You'll read more about it in Bigtwin magazine soon :-)

Behind the scenes: Sometimes there was harsh sun (behind the bike, right) and then it dissapeared behind the clouds every time. So I had to change the aperture and the lights a lot for a good light mixture. The background is under-exposed a bit, 'cause otherwise the sky would be too bright. I pointed 3 lights on the bike.

dinsdag 20 juli 2010

Bigtwin august

Haha, my mate Niek (on the GSX400) is looking like a real tough-guy in the next Bigtwin issue!! I hope he likes the bike-feature, 'cause he's overhauling my carbs of project 1Off, as I speak. Also cool is the Green Machine, the nice Shovelhead of Edwin. The paintjob is really striking. Then there's a feature of Marco 'Makke' on his Dyna chop. At the moment he's busy with 'tailing' the frame, though... And the Darktruder of Raymond? Nice one. Last but not least the hardtail Cobra Harley of the Belgian Wim is absolutely Killer. At you can see that there's plenty of other cool stuff featured this month. Is it saturday, already?!

zondag 18 juli 2010

Bjorn's low budget Honda

Tried a new photo thingy today: a beauty dish, to be exactly, which gives a special kind of smooth shades on the model's face. It's actually ment for fashion photography, but it works well for bike shoots too :-)

Bjorn Swarte is 20 years young and he made this bobber from a Honda Shadow VT600. Not with professional equipment, but with -how do you say that in proper English- eehhh... house, garden and kitch... okay, forget it! But it's true, 'cause he bent his sissybar at a tree's branch in his back-yard. By the way, Bjorn, thanks for helping me out swapping the car tire!

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Sjoerd's Pan in Biker's Power (Ger)

The German magazine "Biker's Power" contacted Sjoerd of Jekill & Hyde about his dead-cool Panhead and they asked for some photo's. It seems that it's used for this month's issue. :-)

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Ron's Shovelhead

And again a great bike on a great location today, however we almost were knocked off the terrain by a bunch of grumpy blokes. This Shovelhead is build by Ron and I really like the line and the colors. True eye candy!

zondag 11 juli 2010

The 'motormadammen' & the haunted house

Another real nice location in Belgium! We did some photo's of Rita's Fat Boy and Christel's Sportster in and around an abandoned building, which used to be a 'haunted house'. There were plenty of other photographers today, which seemly were into the 'urbex' photography (and someone was on the same frequenty of the Pocket Wizard radio transmitters too, Ai!). The bikes are customized by Pascal. Thanks for the really great day!!!!

zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Rianne's Intruder

I had some concentration problems during the photo-session today, mind you? 'Coz, this is different shit than photographing unshaved smelly bikers with tattoo's, beards (want a pizza?) and beer-belly's... But luckily between all the shaky photo's on the camera today, there were some sharp photo's on the disc too, and (you wouldn't believe it) some were even nicely in-frame and correctly exposed! :-) Rianne owns this beautiful Intruder. It's build by Jack's bikes and painted (airbrush) by Paul van Mourik.

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Jeroen's Shovel

Another day and still a heat wave in Holland. Today I made some shots of Jeroen's Shovelhead. Sweat streamed out every pore in my body and after I wiped my forehead dozens of times, I looked like some kind of animal, with all that dirt and dust in my face. Photography is a lazy job? forget it :-) The location Jeroen searched for was great. And coincidently it was at the terrain of his day job!

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Dirk's place

Just back from a trip of nearly 600 (!) kilometres today and I shot this Evo (it once was a Fat Boy) in a frame of Nash. It's build by Dirk's Place in Brugge, Belgium.

maandag 5 juli 2010

zondag 4 juli 2010

Jeroen's XS650 frisco

It was ZZ-Tjebbe who inspired Jeroen (Friesland) to create this WICKED xs650 chop. Look how cool this bike is! It was so sparkling cool that it was really refreshing on this hot day!!! To be exactly, it was the color of 7-up lime what made Jeroen choose this paint color. Cool!

Notice the backlight around Jeroen, looks nice, huh?

donderdag 1 juli 2010

He's the man!

I've got much respect for Niels. He's a real dare devil and rides this creation. Or should I say, creature? 'Coz it's alive and it throws stuff at me while i'm riding behind it. stuff, like pieces of wiring, tank-caps and litres of oil. And he makes a policeman not noticing this shit (shatting an talking about the nice Police BMW "nice radio, and ohhh, those are nice hand cuffs!") while standing next to it. I've been at Niels place a few weeks before but then he scored a set of new pipes. "These hexagon pipes are looking better, or those fishy tails?" he asked. "Why not shooting photo's of the bike with both pipes?" I asked? Another reason for going there again is that they have delicious pie-cake too.