donderdag 28 juli 2011

Rno Cycles "Guzzi BratTracker"

Check out the nice photo-edit of the Moto Guzzi "Brattracker" photoshoot, as seen on Youtube! It's built by the master-builder Rno Cycles from Culemborg, the Netherlands.

woensdag 27 juli 2011

Cover of Fighters magazine!

Looks cool or what?

It's Ron's Hysteria, which we photographed in a parking-garage in december, while it was freezing!

And Larry's 'Son of a Gun' BSA is in the new Fighters too. It's a super-nice bike and i'm so glad to have it photographed.

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

David's modified Nightrod

David from Belgium always rode Ducati's, but he fell in eeehhh... love with Harley Davidson. After trying a few different models he bought himself a Nightrod, which is actually is a H-D which rides like a Duuc. But -up to him, off-the-belt it "looks like shit!" He chopped all the ugly parts off and replaced it for good looking stuff. It's got new mudguard, shockers, seat, pipes and you name it. Check out his Mean looking Nightrod!

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Mario's Wildstar

An original Thunderbike Wildstar? No way! Mario made everything himself! Fenders, fuel tank, most of the alloy parts like the forward controls & oil filter... Nicely done Mario! The shots came out wonderful thanks to the brilliant photo-location @ his work.

Bigtwin, August issue

zondag 17 juli 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting

Yesterday we went to the Choppertown Nation Meeting in Nettetal Kaldenkirchen, Germany. It's held in the middle of the town-centre.

I went to the show together with Rno Cycles, who brought his Supercharged Suzuki Savage. One of the coolest bikes ever!

The cool news is that, just a few days befor the show, Sik asked me to join their Photo Shoot-out. Together with El Cheapo from Belgium, Limpe Iven from Holland and special guest Josh Kurpius from USA, who all are a huge inspiration for me.

Sik from the GreaseheadQuarters blog. Thanks mate!

My photo's were hanging next to the art-pieces of photographer Josh Kurpius.

Some cool bikes.


This one was my favourite! I really like it. Who's knows its owner? I would love to shoot this masterpiece!!!

Friend Nisse rode 200 + km's up and down on his recently finished dragstar with super-nice tinwork.

Gotta love these Triumphs

Though it rained pretty much it was a great day. Next year again?

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Dave's droommotor

Since he started his blog, I'm following Dave Christophe and his Zero inspired project. And now it's finished! So it was time to meet Dave and his gooseneck Shovelhead. Samurai all the way and ridden, not hidden! Thanks for the great day Dave! The pictures came out very well :-)


Stolen from Dave's Droommotor blog (the spot in the grass turned out to be an ant's nest haha!)

Harton in MCM

The Harton must be one of the coolest cafe-racers ever and it has been published worldwide. Even Scandinavian bikers like it. Check out the new MCM magazine

Wide Boy in KicXstart magazine

The studio shots I've made of Larry Houghton's Honda CBX Wide Boy are now used for a feature in KicXstart magazine. It's still one of the best bikes ever made!

Chase Lightning in BSH

Anoine's BSA is published in the new BSH magazine. The feature looks pretty cool!!

woensdag 6 juli 2011

Honda cafe racer

Today's photoshoot started with dark rain clouds and ended with sunshine. We shot Ben's super cool Honda four cafe-racer. It features a lot of one-off and modified parts like the tank, seat, and engine. It's a '75 Japanese bike, though, it looks like a Brit-bike from the fifties. Well done Ben and thanks for the great day!!

zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Freek & Dave.

Today Freek & Dave of The Hague Chapter (tour-club) were photographed at Scheveningen Beach. Both bikes were stunning and due to the fine weather the pictures came out very well! We had a good time under the burning sun, thanks guys!

Jan (the road captain of The Hague Chapter) made a 'behind the scene' impression of the photoshoot. Check out their website! Bigtwin Photoshoot Here's some photo's I stole from their website

vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Royal Flush

Another cool & fun photoshoot! JPP's Triumph chopper (based on a Uncle bunt frame) is a Casino theme-bike. And for that we were able to shoot some photo's in the Fair Play casino in Apeldoorn. Oh, the money isn't fake!! The bike features tons of cool details. The airbrush is done by JPP himself. Because the casino was pretty small, we also went out-doors for some decent shots of the bike in a park.