zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Score of the week

Hell yeah! Got some 2th hand goodies for the Ironhead project.

donderdag 25 februari 2010

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde in BSH!

Some news from the BSH towers! The Jekill & Hyde panhead is in the new issue of Backstreetheroes. The bike belongs to Sjoerd Ottenheim, by the way :-) Check out the BSH blog

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

JBP Trikes

Yesss, the first photo's of 2010 are finally made! Visited JBP Trikes (Slagharen, The Netherlands) today to make some photo's of their garage for Bigtwin magazine. They make subframes for softails to transfer 'em into trikes. But complete one-off's aren't a problem for these guys too! Visit their website at

donderdag 18 februari 2010

Bigtwin March

The new Bigtwin magazine will be a good one with a old skool Triumph and a Fusion BMW racer as one of the highlights. I contributed with photo’s of the Best Shadow Ever, built by Milo Customs (website). Also the road-test of the Harley Sportster Iron will be published next month.