maandag 17 december 2012

maandag 10 december 2012


Something to read during the cold and snowy Christmas days. Oh, on the cover is Iron Pit. He just finished this Superpan chopper, right in time for the Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo where I took the snap-shot, which to my surprise is used as cover-shot. Haven't seen this issue yet and I hope the cover photo looks great at this size, as the bike deserves it. Pretty high iso's were used that weekend to work with the hand-held camera, in combination with just subtile (off camera cable-triggered) flash light, in the dark ambient of the Autotron Halls. Oh, the super-stunning paintjob on this bike is done by mister Ben Oud, who also did the paint on the Opal Guzzi of Rno Cycles.

woensdag 5 december 2012

Panhead style Evo softail

Max wanted a modern performing, but classic looking bike. Grease Monkey Choppers build for him this Panhead style Evo softail. We took some shots at a perfect location for this bike!

Spirit of endeavour

Larry Houghton is one of the world's best custom bike builders. I took a few shots of his JAP engine powered and price-winning Spirit of endeavour. Just outstanding!!

maandag 3 december 2012

Opal by Rno Cycles

Oh yeah! One of the most progressive and advanced bikes from the Netherlands, shot at an eerie location at night. The green ambient light (long shutter speeds) fits the futuristic looking bike very well. Check out the Opal, a Moto Guzzi racer by Rno Cycles.

vrijdag 30 november 2012


Wicked looking Kwakasuki with turbo, owned by Sander, shot for Streetfighters magazine in UK.

Panhead bobber

A beautiful one-off Panhead bobber with a stunning looking model (Julisa)... What more do we want? The bike is designed by Hans and build together with HD Hutten.

zaterdag 24 november 2012

Back to the Future

Futuristic design on a BMW K-model by Scheffers.


Ben and Roy and their Central Harley-Davidson bikes (duo shoot)

Suzuki Streetfighter

Jeroen's Suzuki streetfighter, shot for Streetfighters magazine.

Kruisje's cafe-racer

Kruisje's Sportster cafe-racer, one of the best bikes I've photographed this year. Great styling and engineering!

Alwin's Duuc

Alwin's Ducati, what a beauty! Soon to be featured :-)

zondag 23 september 2012

Roy's softail

Roy took care of a great indoor location to shoot his softail old skool chopper. He owns this bike for several years and it's being changed every time.

Check this out! Little clip on YouTube

maandag 17 september 2012

Panstyle Sportster

Paul of L&L Choppers worked four years, in his little spare time, on his own Sportster chopper... Just another Sportster? Hell no! The result is really out of this world! This world class bike has countless little details and the engine 's got a total Panhead-style transformation (Nope, those are not bolt-on Pan-style heads)

We were there to witness the first time that the bike rode! We hope to have this bike on the Bigtwin Bikeshow in Rosmalen this year

Little clip on youtube!

woensdag 5 september 2012


Today we photographed the Rebelizer: A Honda 450 cc Rebel, which was modified into this bobber by Tim. Cool bike!

maandag 27 augustus 2012

Been very busy...

We had some sunny days here at the Low Countries so I went out to shoot some nice bike.

John & Jose Cross Bones 62

Jessica & Mario

Low budget Honda, big impact!

zondag 12 augustus 2012

Fire Fighters Nijmegen

I was asked to shoot a photo for a promotional poster of the Fire Fighters in Nijmegen. I've never shot something like this before and wasn't sure about how it would turn out. Though, it looked like a fun job to do. :-)

The editor of the poster wanted a photo with extreme lightning and a dark blue sky. Something I do with motorcycles sometimes. Though, I soon found out that a fire-truck plus three guys is something really different!

After the photo's were done, we tried this action shot just for fun. I think it's the best shot after all. This is what came out!


Piet has a very own taste of bikes. He combined Italian parts (Ducati, Laverda etc.) with a American Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. The result is a very stunning cafe-racer. The very beautiful model Aisha helped us making this sunny day even brighter. Thanks Aisha!

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Daan's Patina Shovelhead

Most bikers who go to a professional custombike shop want a perfectly finished bike. Daan had other ideas about his dream-bike, though! He asked L&L Choppers to build a Shovelhead Frisco lane-splitter in a raw & dirty matt-colored patina style. Hell yeah!

dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Rick Paul's trike

Because of a heavy accident Rick Paul lost his leg and knee. Motorcycling wasn't an option anymore, but inspired by Exile, he wanted a fat and mean looking trike to ride again! JBP trikes did the job. Big fat rear wheels ons American car-rims in combination with chrome and black paint makes this an excellent trike!

Patrick's Pan

I shot Patrick's matt-black Cole Forster style hardtail Evo a few years ago. A very neat chopper, but he liked to have 'the real thing'. A Panhead, to be exactly! At CCR95 he bought a rolling chassis he made this cool raw looking Panhead chopper, inspired by the Sinners and Japanese builders.

zaterdag 28 juli 2012


These two Ironheads are made by Paul and Noud. These 'Brainfarts' build these great bikes on a low budget. However the base (Ironhead Sporty's with a weld on rigid subframe) is the same, both bikes look completely different! Nice rides, guys!

Gerard's softail

Gerard is main-editor of the great Dutch custom bike magazine Bigtwin. Together with his friends Rein and Cees, a Heritage softail classic was altered into a old skool chopper. Paintwork is done by Royal Jack. The result is mind-blowing!! More about this old style softail you can read in Bigtwin magazine soon...

vrijdag 27 juli 2012

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

The Bouncer

The Bouncer is a high-end custombike. Owned by Richard, build by L&L! One of the best bikes they did so far, so I really enjoyed to shoot this bike in the studio! Thanks for the nice day Richard.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Robert's S&S Panhead

Robert owned a Early Shovel custombike for several years and he asked RB Special Parts to upgrade this worn-out motorcyle. The project came out other than planned! In a very positive way, to be exactly. Check out this S&S Panhead bobber, in which classic styling is mixed with modern technique. Beautiful! We hope to have this bike at the Bigtwin Bikeshow in november, Rosmalen.

zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Twisted Synergy

Suzuki's GSX-R is one of the most used bikes for streetfighters and many of 'em look quite the same. Michiel did things the other way! Check out his bike, named Twisted Synergy...

JT Brothers

The JT Brothers from Belgium did it again! Check out this stunning xs650 chopper which is home-brewn from the ground up. Joris here shows that the bike not only looks great, but handles like a dream, too!

maandag 25 juni 2012


Cool photo on Perfect Dream Bikes'car

zondag 24 juni 2012

Rno Cycles

Arno of RnoCycles is helping me out with project Own Skool, of which the carburettor happened to be a total mess. To mount the K&N filters, the exhaust had to be altered, too. Also then there seemed to be a problem with the coils... A bit more work than expected, Sorry Arno!

Roel in Fighters

Dutch Hardly Rideables

This year it was the 10th edition for the Dutch Hardly Rideables ratbikemeeting of Rataplan Ratbikeclub.

woensdag 20 juni 2012

Marcel's bike

Today I went to RB Special Parts in Alblasserdam to shoot Marcel's one-off custombike. It's an amazing bike with ground-off build frame and a single sided swing-arm. Soon to be featured in Bigtwin magazine.

zaterdag 16 juni 2012


Another magazine dropped in my mailbox today. KicXstart, with a detail shot of the Son of a Gun of Larry Houghton on the cover! If you ask me (but don't!) this is one of the best bikes in history of mankind and it is featured in many magazines.


Michel on the cover of new Bigtwin magazine

zondag 10 juni 2012

Bottrop Kustom Kulture

Was is good? Ja sicher!! Some highlights...

Nice chopper with lots of details and beautiful tank

Eye-catching old skool bike by LeBeef from Sweden

Astro Zombie BSA from Italy.... just WOW!

Flathead, one of the best I've seen so far!

Sportster rigid with cool tyres, Zundapp tank and hot rod style exhaust. I would ride a bike like this myself!

Rat rod

HP's? Enough!

W&W brought this Honda cafe racer with a nice tank/tail-piece. Like it!

dinsdag 5 juni 2012


I had the opportunity to have model Rachael Vee in the studio during the Bigtwin Bikeshow in Rosmalen. I didn't show any pictures, but now she's on the cover of Bigtwin magazine on Bozzies' Beach Cruiser.