vrijdag 29 januari 2010

Good news from the BackstreetHeroes blogspot! Tristan's hardtail Triumph old skool chopper is published in next month's issue! And there will be some more great looking (Brit)bikes in this English magazine, as always...

woensdag 20 januari 2010

Bigtwin februari 2010

Next month's Bigtwin issue is again a real good one! Especially the chopper of ZZ-Tjebbe (photographed by Grizzly) is awesome! Also some of my stuff is published this month.

Jannot's Dragstar bobber

Evert's Badfellaz highneck. Mention this moving shot, which is made with a flasher on a arm which was attached with clamps at the back of my car :-)

Erik's wonderful Sportster boardtracker!

Pepe's hot rod sidecar

And part II of the Bigtwin Bikeshow in Rosmalen

zaterdag 16 januari 2010


Haven't photographed a motorcycle for a while, as there's snow everywhere! Can't use those snowy bike-pictures for editorial reasons, as bikes are featured mosty a few month's after they'd been shot.

But yesterday my sister Marit, asked if I would like to take a few portraits of her in the snow. So I grabbed the speedlights. Under-exposed the background about two stops, put one light at a tripod the right hand side with umbrella and one light straight behind Marit on the fencing as rim-light. Looks really pro, isn't it?