zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Metalflake Triumph

Joost always rode Italian cars. Then he decided it was time for something different... Choppers! And just the type of bikes that are featured in magazines like DicE and Greasy Kulture. Old skool all the way! In the States he found this "TT Cycles" Triumph with an oil-in-frame hardtail for sale. Exactly what he likes, so he shipped it to the Netherlands, and after fixing some teething problems, it now rides like a dream on these flat lands. I liked this bike so much, just perfect (!), that I had to shoot some pix of it. :-)

vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Modern Servicar

Dingena always rode her old and faithfull Servicar. Yeah, a real Flathead. But the group she rides with started to ride modern Harleys. So, Dingena always rode on front of the group, and not because she was the fastest of 'em all (ehhh... 70 km/h max downhill). Then she decided that it was time for a new Servicar. A Road king was rebuild with a EML trike kit by HD Service Venlo.

zaterdag 22 juni 2013


Ruben is the main man behind the bikeshop Wing Palace. As private ride he'd build this 40's style bobber with a very special engine. It's in fact a early Shovel with their own Knuckle conversion kit. Yesterday we took a few shots of this amazing bike! The result is just mind-blowing! Thanks guys.

maandag 17 juni 2013

Schorem Barbier

Real men don't go to the coiffeur for cutting and shaving. Harry Corino went with his Flathead Harley-Davidson all the way to Schorem Barber in Rotterdam to match his hair-style with his bike.

zaterdag 15 juni 2013

Harry's Triumph

One of the best old skool bikes I've seen so far! Harry created this fantastic Triumph with reversed heads. But take a look at the Jesse Rooke front end... and the leaf-spring swingarm... but also notice the special seat... the antique oil-tank and the list goes on and on. Thanks Harry for the nice day!

woensdag 12 juni 2013

Royal Enfield

Piet Smits is one of my favourite Dutch bike builders. This is only his 2th custombike, though one of the best and most creative I've ever seen! It was such a honour to shoot this crazy (!!) Royal Enfield custom bike. One off all the way! 

Ruud's deep seat

I love to shoot bikes with nice sparkling paintjobs. Check out Ruud's deep seat custom, which features tons of hand-made parts. Soon more about this pearl-white beauty in the Dutch Mag!

Royal Enfield Desert Storm

There aren't that much stock factory bikes that I would like to ride myself. Though, this Royal Enfield Desert Storm is a real sweety!! For Bigtwin I did a road test. And yes... Me Like!!

Ducati cafe-racer

The editor of Bigtwin magazine, Ben, likes to ride. Static shots... fine, but action is even better! So he took this Ducati for a day out. I was asked to take the shots, though he ride so fast that my camera hardly could handle it! Soon in Bigtwin magazine more about this fantastic looking Duuc cafe-racer.

Mathias' Kawa fighter

I was asked to shoot some pictures of Mathias German styled Kawa fighter. No problem! Last sunday the sun finally showed it's beams an Mathias rode to my place, as we have some nice spots around. As the sun came from the right-side direction, I used a big studio light on the left side to flash the shades away. The result looks pretty natural. And together with some small flashguns, the paint came alive very well!

zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Airbrush bike

Martin found his dream bike for sale on Internet. Perfect... Just perfect... Oh well? It needed some fresh tins on it's bottom, a fresh air cleaner and a wonderfull celtic airbrush! He performed the airbrush himself with lots of help from his friend Andre. We shot this bike for Bigtwin Magazine.